Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Letter #2 - 9/18/13


Okay so this week was crazy, yet again. But it went by so fast. Thank you so much for your emails mom and dad!! I love them so much. And the pictures make me really happy :) Hopefully it's okay that I just respond to you both in one email. So i have exactly 60 minutes for email and we don't get to print out our far as I know. But we heard that we get 90 minutes once we get to Italy so fingers crossed for that. THANK YOU for the dear elders mom! I love love love them. every single day. They make me so happy. So this week Sorella McPeek only had one night terror. haha but it was the scariest one so far haha she woke up and started screaming that there was someone in our room and so I just told her no one was there and to go back to sleep. haha should I have gotten up to check and make sure no one was there? Probably. Did I? nope haha I just went back to sleep too. The other Sorelle said they remember hearing her screaming but they thought it was just a bad dream. Funny stuff. Oh so another story. Sora Brey, one of the sister missionaries in our zone going to Romania found which we decided to be a small shard of glass in her hamburger the other day. So that was really quite exciting. She took it up to them and they apologized and said they would report it to the place they got there meat.Gotta love the West Campus food. But not to worry, I overcame my fear of the community milk dispenser so now I have cereal at almost every meal. it's delicious. Today we got to go to the temple which was awesome. Love that place. The sweetest little grandma gave us a big hug which was so cute. We miss hugs here. haha Oh!! And last thurdsay I got your package!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love it! and i cant wait to open those cards! Best family ever. And the pumpkin bread is delicious. I shared some of the treats you sent with the girls in my district and they said to tell you thank you and that you are amazing. haha I agree. Did you ever get my letter I sent last week? Sorry we only get to write on P-day so it was like forever long haha Everything I had wanted to say all week put into one letter :) Mom did you have a good birthday??!?? It was so hard not being able to call and sing to you :( but it sounds like dad spoiled you! Good job dad! :) haha Oh and every one here says you look like you could be my sister so you better not be feeling old. Last week we memorized the first vision in Italian so we are pretty proud of ourselves haha and we have memorized our purpose and the baptisim invitation. Italian si coming along, but I am definitely learning a huge lesson about patience. I know the language will come, I just have to keep doing my best and be proud of the progress I am making. My teachers tell me I am really good at understanding the language. I can understand what they are saying like 85% of the time. But then actually forming my own sentences is a struggle haha But I am getting a lot better. I'll definitely have it down in about 17 and a half more months. hahaha Italian is really pretty though. Definitely better than french. haha remember how bad i was at french? Yeah well now that I don't need to know it, it will randomly pop up while I am teaching a lesson or saying something in class. haha so then my teachers just look at me and are like  "Francais?" and i just laugh and say "oops. my bad" just like dad taught me to haha Mom we definitely ate a whole bag of goldfish on sunday in honor of your primary class. It was delicious. I told the girls I pretty much eat a bag every week while you teach CTR 5's and they laughed. haha they are so fun. We all get along so well, i love it. Okay so funny story. My district finally got to experience their first "Random cry" with me. Classic. So what happened was i got the package from you and i was sitting on my bed reading the card from mom and then i opened up the second card you sent that i could open that day...and it was from charlie. And that plus the card from mom plus everything else totally triggered the tears. I just stared crying. Like legitimately weeping on my bed reading that card. And I'm like "GUYS! It's from my dog!!" And so they come in and they just watched and laughed. hahaha It was hilarious. Then they told the teachers the next day and they all had a good laugh for about 5 minutes. So I am glad that my random cries are appreciated here. haha Sister Carter in my district got food poisioning last night so we are alls uper tired today. we were up from about 12:30 to 3am. she was throwing up for like 20 minutes straight. so we took her out to the front desk and they called the on call doctor and got her some medicine. So that was really fun. But she is feeling a lot better now so it's okat :) we all felt so bad for her. Well I am almost out of time so I will go and try to send some more pictures! Thanks for all your love and support! I love and miss you all so much but i am so happy! Being a missionary is the best. Tell Kie i am so happy for her and to write me and ask me any questions! She will be a great missionary! I am so excited for her!! Love you mom and dad! Tell Abbi and Anna and will and charlie I say hi and that i love them! Have a great week!
Sorella Alli Yost
Alli and her district
Alli and her really good friend Bonnie Tantillo who is going to Brazil.


Alli with Brady Johnston from our ward.  He's headed to Mexico.

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