Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Letter #63 - 11/25/14

Ciao Famiglia! Come State?!


This week has been crazy. So as I write you...I’M BACK IN RAVENNA! Yeah. Weird, haha. We got the call yesterday that we had to be in Ravenna this morning for me to pick up my permesso (paperwork). So since Busto and Ravenna are literally on opposite sides of the mission we had to leave last night and spend the night in Milano which was super fun and then leave bright and early on the first train we could make to Ravenna. I got my permesso and now since its pday I get to hang out with Sorella Nilsen a little bit too!!!! Blessed be the day. I’M WITH MY TWO GREENIES ALL TOGETHER, so fantastic!

Last week we had the Fingerle conference and it was sooooo good. We learned so much! and I got to see Sorella Woods! And she is training Sorella Burt! Becca’s roommate! So tell aunt Tamera that I finally met her and we are already best friends :)

Also I got your packages! Thank you so much! We LOVED them! and i got the envelopes from Landon and it totally made my day, I LOVE them! So thank you Landon! love you! :)

On Saturday we had our big ward Thanksgiving Dinner and it was such a huge success! We had 105 people there in total and a ton of part member families and less actives which was awesome. We had some investigators and people from English class there too! It was awesome, we were really happy. I have to say, Thanksgiving dinner Italian style isn’t too bad :) It was really good! not as good as Grandmas’ though ;)

Also, this Sunday in church between us and the Anziani we had 5 investigators in church! It was a huge miracle, especially with how big of a hassle it is for people to get out to the church since the buses don’t run on Sunday. So we were super excited and so was the ward. It was so awesome. One of those investigators was someone that Sorella Hawks and I found on our 21st lesson week and he is so awesome. He’s 17 years old and rode his bike to church all by himself...stayed for all three hours....and LOVED it...and he’s bringing his sister with him this next Sunday. #elect. We are so excited. So hopefully we can get the whole family involved.

Sorella Hawks, the Anziani and I are singing at a Catholic funeral tomorrow for the cousin of a member who passed away; and I have also been asked to give a short talk after we yeah. Hopefully that goes well and I will be able to speak in Italian in front of a huge room of random strangers at a funeral.

Well...I thinks that’s all for this week! Love and miss you so much! I’m so thankful for my family, tell everyone hi for me tomorrow and eat pumpkin pie for me...PLEASE. LOVE YOU!!! :)

Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Yost

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Letter #62 - 11/18/14

Ciao Famiglia!

HOLY COW - seriously such a crazy week. First of all... we taught 21 lessons!!!!!! Huge miracle. It’s a challenge President gives to all the new missionaries their second week in the mission and by some miracle we did it. It was so crazy. We were out talking to people allllll day. We had so many of our appointments fall through and so we were out doing finding from 3-9 a lot of the days. But it was so cool and my Greenie definitely has a ton of Greenie power.

We found 4 new investigators and two lessons we taught we looked down at the clock afterwards and it was 8:59PM. perseveranza sino alla fine (endure to the end), haha. So it was awesome :) we are so tired though, haha.  Sunday night we got home, did nightly planning and then weren’t able to move for like 30 minutes, haha!! It was so funny. I feel like I’m becoming a Grandma. I’m literally so tired all the time, haha. So weird.

Also, my poor little greenie got to experience me having one of my random crying attacks, haha. I think it was like Thursday during lunch or something and I was just tired for some reason and she went upstairs to get something and I was like" hey where are you going?" and she was like "I just have to go grab some socks" and I was like "don’t leave me..." and she was laughing and was like "it’s okay, I’ll be right back!" thinking I was just kidding...and then I randomly started crying and she came back down the stairs and was like "I’m so sorry! I didn’t think you were serious!" and I was half-laughing and half-crying and explained to her that sometimes when I’m really tired I just randomly cry, haha. It was so funny. We laughed for like 15 minutes afterwards. I get lonely really easily apparently, haha, so weird.

Also this week our ward got a new bishopric! We absolutely love our new Bishop already. He’s so fantastic and served a mission in England and is like 28 years old. He’s super cool. This week i did my first scambio (exchange) with the Sorelle in Varese! It was super fun. I stayed here in Busto with a Sorella from Sorella Nilsens group and Sorella Hawks went to Varese. We had a lesson with an el Salvadorian family and learned how to make pupusas – they are super good! Then we found out our villa has a spider problem and killed spiders for like 40 minutes before bed. NOT super fun, but we think we killed most of them, ahha.

Oh and Sorella Hawks and I almost broke the church last week. We tried making cookies and the breaker went out in the church building, haha classic. Never doing that again. We were supposed to have an appointment with a girl and make cookies with her and become best friends but she didn’t show up and while it is a 20 minute bus ride to get out to the church and it only comes like once an hour so we had to wait for the bus and were sad she didn’t show up so we decided to make the cookies anyways and yeah, we tripped the breaker - power out. So funny.

Also, we were doing strada (street contacting) on Sunday in one of our cities called Gallarate and this like 17 year old kid came up and started talking to us and he was asking us about missionaries and what we do and stuff like that.  And then he asked us where we live and we told him we live in Busto and he was like so it’s just you two that live there? and we were like yeah.... and he was like "so it’s just you two...and Jesus?" Oh my gosh we started laughing so hard. It was one of the funniest questions ever. People think we are nuns all the time, which is so funny. But this kid was super legit and I think the Anziani (elders) are going to go try teaching him.

Well I think that’s all for this week! Busto is awesome and we are finding our way around. I was actually able to give someone directions somewhere today so we were super excited about that. We are figuring it all out with a ton of help from Heavenly Father and seeing miracles every day.

Hope all is well back home! Have a safe trip to Utah! I love and miss you! :)

Sorella Alli Yost

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Letter #61 - 11/11/14

Ciao Famiglia! Come State?!

We are going to Milano for pday today so we had to email early!

What?! you have frost on the ground in Redmond?!! It’s just POURING rain here, haha, luckily we got Sorella Hawks some rain boots last week on pday so now we are surviving the weather a lot better, haha. Our boots are actually super cute, we are totally matching, haha – oh and we got little sock inserts for them too to make it warmer and they are like the most blessed things ever. We love them and are never cold.

This week has been a lot better, we are starting to figure our way out around the city and aren’t getting lost as much. However, we almost got separated on the train the other day which was SO scary, hahah - the doors closed after Sorella Hawks got on the train and so only I got locked out of the train when the doors closed. I had to quickly run to the front of the train to get let on by the conductor - ha it was so scary. After the doors closed we just were standing there staring at each other with pure horror on our faces through the window for like 3 seconds, haha - it was so scary... and now funny. . . #italymilanmissionprobs

We have probably lost like 5 kilo this week from all the running we’ve had to do in our big coats, haha, it’s been great. We are always worried about missing trains or buses in this city. We have a lot of little cities that we have to travel to quite a bit that are in our area so that keeps us in shape.

This city isn’t very bike friendly so we never ride them, sadly, but it’s okay. Also this Sunday in church it was the primary program and it was the cutest thing ever. Little kids singing in Italian is so precious. Oh and we taught Gospel Principles on Sunday, reminded me of the Montevarchi days. We only had like 20 minutes to prepare though, which was funny. A year ago that probably would have given me a heart attack to even think about doing but now it’s just so common it doesn’t even phase me. Miracles of the mission am I right?

I finally cut my hair! Well i asked my companion do it, haha - she was freaking out, but she did so well! I just looked at her and was like have you ever cut hair Sorella? and she was like, uhhh, I trimmed my mom’s hair a couple times in the back, does that count? And i was like yeah, good enough for me. Just cut like 6 inches off, hahahahaha so funny. But it’s so much better now - goodbye braid.

It’s been a good week :) we are working hard and seeing a ton of miracles. One of which being we are always thankful to make it back home each night. We finally got in contact with some of the old Sorelles investigators and are finding some new ones of our own too. The Lord’s hand truly is in everything we do.

I’m so glad to be here and am so thankful for my Greenie, she is so great and is so patient, even whenever I get us lost. We are definitely getting it all figured out together :)

Love and miss you so much! Talk to you soon! :)

Love Sorella Alli

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Letter #60 - 11/4/14

Ciao Famiglia Mia!

Oh man. This week has been insane. We have been travelling all over the place for consiglio (training) in Milano and district meeting in Varese. As we are both brand new to this area, we have been going on an adventure all over Busto and Varese for Sorella Hawks permesso (registration), this is my fourth time doing this process and it’s never been this complicated. 

Tomorrow we are heading back to Milano for new missionary training and then I do my first scambio (companion exchange) in like a week and a half. I’m the sister training leader over the Varese Sorelle and the Lugano Switzerland Sorelle. So that should be fun :) My new greenie is Sorella Hawks! She is from New York, went to BYU, 19 years old, and super awesome. I love her so much already. She actually is from the ward where my cousin Kieonah is serving right now! How ironic is that? haha so funny!

This week has been a little hard because of everything we’ve had going on and trying to figure out the new area together. I’ve never been so tired in my whole life, haha - we have just been getting lost around the city all week in the rain, haha.  We’ve been sent on multiple scavenger hunts for her permesso and have had to go to Milano for consiglio and Varese for district meeting etc.. so basically we are doing a ton of train and bus-type finding, because we have no other choice, haha. But it’s so fun and we are seeing miracles from it for sure.

The other day we were on a train and we found this super awesome girl who is like 24 and lives here in Busto and she talked to us for the entire 40 minute train ride (big deal). She’s super awesome and gave us her phone number and so hopefully something comes of that. Greenie power, it’s a real thing.

On a sad note all of the simps (investigators) that the Sorelle had before we got here won’t answer our phone calls or texts and when we go to pass by they are never home – soooooo, we are basically starting all over, which is hard but good because it means there are new people out there we need to be finding.

I’m just glad my greenie is just so hard working and great. She’s just going with everything and super positive even though I’m like totally freaking out on the inside, haha. Yesterday we were running from place to place all day and didn’t get to eat lunch until 8:30 at night (remember how we don’t have dinner in our mission? haha still hard for me) and we kind of had a break down, haha. We were so exhausted.

Then today we got a call from the Anziani (Elders) here in busto who is also training a new missionary – right in the middle of studies, saying that we had to run to the train station so we could make the train to go to Varese because they just found out we have to go there for something for the permesso. So we literally RAN the 20 minute walk to the station in the pouring rain to make the train, go to Varese, and sit in the post office on our pday, haha. It was a little rough, but we are almost done with the process now - meno male (thank heavens).

But i think that’s everything for the week. It’s been crazy but we love being companions, are doing our best and seeing some miracles :)

Thanks for everything! love and miss you! :)

Sorella Yost