Thursday, April 17, 2014

Letter #31 - 4/16/14

Hi Mom and Dad!

Greetings from Alessandria! So this week was crazzzzy. But so good! I love this place so much, even though it is really different than Montevarchi. Sorella Hoffman and I are doing so good; we get along really, really well and have a lot of fun together :) she is awesome.

And we are working hard and seeing a ton of miracles. We are teaching a lady right now who is super awesome, she actually found the church because one day she was in the parking lot of the grocery store and she found a flyer on the ground for our English class. So she called and came to English class and got in touch with the missionaries and now we are teaching her! She is so sweet. One trial that we are trying to overcome here this past week is other people's agency, haha, it’s so hard. There are so many people we want to work with and want to see...but then they cancel on us and we end up having no appointments. But we know that everything happens for a reason and we have seen miracles happen as a cause of people cancelling.
For example the other day we were supposed to have an appointment at the church and so we were waiting there and she never showed up. So there happened to be about 5 young women at the church during that time so we gathered them together and told them that they were going to go out finding with us for an hour, haha classic. so we gave them each a pass along card and told them that in the next hour they each had to give theirs out to someone. So we went out and two of them went with me and three went with Sorella Hoffman and we both ended up finding someone to teach and then when we all got back together we ended up teaching one more lesson to someone on the street. It was so amazing and these girls were so brave. I think the oldest was 16 and the youngest was 12, the rest somewhere in the middle. They were so excited and proud of themselves that they did it. They all gave out their pass along cards and were so happy. Sorella Hoffman and I were so excited they had a good time and were able to see some miracle lessons. We were praying the whole time that they would have a good experience and someone would listen to us, haha, God really does answer prayers.
Church was really good on Sunday and one of our investigators even got up and bore her testimony in church, so cool.. oh! also! tell Tanner that last night we had a lesson at one of our member’s houses from Africa and she is from a country really close to Ghana. I told her about how my cousin served in Ghana and she asked if he liked their spicy food. I told her I don’t know but I know he liked cat and she said the next time she makes fufu she is inviting us over and we are going to get to eat some real nice fufu, haha, soooo yeah. If he has any advice on that, that would be great, haha.
Also the other day at an appointment, I accidentally dropped my plate and it shattered everywhere. It was really embarrassing and I felt so bad. But the member was so nice and told me not to worry about it and that she does it all the time, haha, so yeah, I’m still a klutz.
But everything is going well here in Alessandria! I love it here. It’s crazy how fast time is going, then again I can’t really remember a lot about normal life out of the mission. I am tired all the time. and some mornings we wake up and don’t know how we are going to make it through the day we are so tired. But we tell ourselves that if we get out of bed then we have already won half the battle, haah, and it’s true.
I am so thankful to be a missionary, I have learned so much already. Everything is good here in Italia! Thank you for all the prayers and support!  Love you! and Happy Easter! He lives!
Sorella Yost

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