Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Letter #68 - 12/30/14

Ciao Famiglia!

Sorry I have like basically no time today because we have to be in by 5pm for New Year’s Eve but here’s just a short email to say hi :) Skype was so fun last week and it was so good to see everyone! Sorry again about the chaos....just more memories right? ;)

And funny story, President Dibb let us watch one Disney movie each year on Christmas and we got to watch Finding Nemo courtesy of Anziano Hubbard and we were going to save it to watch when we got home at night but then we ended up getting home late and were so tired and I was totally fine after Skype and everything but then with the stress of getting home late and everything else that was going on, we started talking about watching Finding Nemo and when I realized I was so tired and wouldn’t even be able to keep myself awake to see Crush in the turtle part of the movie...I completely lost it and started crying, haha it was so funny. I was just crying I was so tired. I just kept telling Sorella Hawks I just wanted to see Nemo and the turtles. She was so supportive, haha we were so tired. It was crazy. So once i regained control of myself we got ready for bed super quick and put on Nemo and I fell asleep literally like 5 minutes into it. Like I’m talking right after Nemo’s mom dies, haha. It was so depressing. so yeah, that will probably be the first movie I watch when I get home, just a heads up. i want to see the turtles!!

Also I ate duck innards this week, and we had the most amazing Christmas ever. We made like 70 cookies and went out caroling and handing out cookies to investigators and a few less-actives on Christmas eve and Christmas and it was just so special and fun. Definitely a Christmas I will never forget.

Hope all is well back home and that you have a happy new year! Thanks for everything! I love and miss you all!

Buon nuovo anno! :)

Sorella Yost

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