Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Letter #71 - 1/20/15

Ciao Famiglia Mia!

TRANSFERS – and yep, that’s right. I’M TRAINING AGAIN, hahahaha. So I’m staying here in Busto for my last transfer and training for my third time in a row. And it gets better, Sorella Nilsen, my first greenie, is now training too! Ha, so I’m going to be a "Grandma" in the mission too! Haha, I’m seriously going to have like the biggest posterity ever by the time i go home. It’s so great. But sadly, this means that Sorella Hawks and I are being split up. We are soooooo sad. But she is going to Trieste, with Sorella Burt, Becca's roommate! so cool :) 

President Dibb called us on Saturday morning with the transfer news and he was so funny, he was just like "Hey Sorella Yost, I have great news for you! You get to stay in Busto as a sister training leader! Oh and also . . . I need you to be training again." And at this point, I’m so excited because I get to stay in Busto, and then I realized what he said and I was like "I’m training AGAIN??" and he just started laughing and was like "yeah again!" haha. And I was like "so... for my third time?" and he just laughed and was like "yeah, for your third time! you know Sorella Woods can’t be the only one that trains three times, I need you doing it too." haha so yeah. Baby #3! I’m super excited! I loveeeee training. It’s been one of my favorite parts of my mission.

So I couldn’t be happier. I will definitely miss Sorella Hawks though, we think President knew how bad we wanted to stay together a third transfer, because when he was telling Sorella Hawks that she was getting transferred, he was like “so, Sorella Hawks, I’m sure you’ve heard by now that it is very, very rare for companions to be together for 3 transfers, and I know you and Sorella Yost have done amazing things together but these happy days are going to be coming to an end soon because I need you in Trieste."

We were almost crying the whole time he was talking to her, haha, but I’m so excited for her, she is going to absolutely love Trieste and just going to kill it there :) Also, other exciting news is that our new convert is going to receive the Priesthood on Sunday! He is doing so well; we are just so excited for him and his family. They are progressing, piano piano. We just love them so much and know that he is such a good example for them all.

I did a scambio in Como last week that was super fun. Funny story from it though, we were at an appointment with the Sorelle's baptismal date, and we got there and it was this lady with the baptismal date and her 16 year old son named Ricky. They were soooo sweet. So we get there and turns out it was a dinner appointment. I had no idea. Ha, so we sit down and it’s like 8pm, and this family lives like on the top of a hill in Como, like a bus ride and a walk, and we have to be home by 9:30. So naturally, I start freaking out a little inside. So it takes a little time before the food was all ready and then we finally start eating, (and the food was amazing by the way). Then we finish and are eating panettone and get to start the lesson, it was on the prophet. So we taught a good lesson, the spirit was super strong and we think they really liked it.

So the lesson ends and we say a prayer and we tell them we have to scamp because we have to make the bus. So at this point I would say that I was really freaking out because I didn’t know the city or how long it would take to get home or when the buses came. So the 16 year old son tells us to wait and that the will grab his coat and walk us down the hill to the bus stop. So I’m like in the door way like "okaaaaay we just have to hurry..." and then he comes and Sorella Ince just start booking it down the stairs, and out of the palazzo and then start heading down the hill. As we are going we tell Ricky to look up the bus times on his phone. which he does and then he was like” oh no...." and we were like "what Ricky!?!?!" and he said" well...there’s one that comes in 5 minutes....and then the next one isn’t for another hour..." (cioè we would get home at 11pm or later)  so I just look at them both and am like "we have to run, literally." So I just take off and start running as fast as I can and Sorella Ince is leading the way and we are just booking it down this hill and Ricky is just running right with us saying "are you sure we have to run?!" and I’m just like "RUN RICKY!" hahaha, it was so funny. Moral of the story, we made the bus and made it home by like 9:55 so we just had to call our zone leaders. But still, it was hilarious. But now Sorella Ince, Ricky and I are the best of friends. It was a great bonding experience. haha so funny.

I gave a talk in church on Sunday on missionary work and miracles I’ve see on the mission. Well I think that’s all for this week. Hope all is well back home! I love and miss you!

Stammi Bene! (Take Care)

Sorella Yost

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