Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Letter #36 - 5/20/14

Ciao from Ravenna!

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this city so much already. It is so perfect and cute. So this area has been open to Sorelle (Sisters) for only one transfer now so we are basically opening up a brand new area. It’s crazy fun. We are basically starting from nothing. But that’s okay; we are working hard and already seeing so many miracles. On Friday we made a goal to find one new investigator every day this week so that would be 7 for the week from Monday to Sunday. So yesterday we went out finding and we found 7 new investigators in just one day!!! It was so amazing. We could not believe it.

One of the new investigators we found was there in the park with her 13 year old son and they were so nice and she wanted to learn more and loved that we were out there talking about Christ. It was so refreshing, haha. So we are so excited to meet with them again tomorrow and really hope they will be able to come to the baptism on Saturday for a 13 year old kid in the branch. It was such a huge miracle. Blessed be the day.

We are on bikes here in Ravenna and it is like the best thing ever. I love it. I hope I am on bike for the rest of my mission, haha. Our bikes names are David and Isabella. They aren’t the prettiest bikes around but we love them comunque (however), haha. But really, bikes are the best. Riding in a skirt is a bit difficult but I think I am starting to get the hang of it. And I have only had one minor accident and I rode into a wall because a car got close to me and freaked me out, haha. But I’m totally fine, my hand just got a little beat up. Don’t worry mom, I always wear my helmet and everything :)

Last week we had new beginnings for the young women in the branch! There are 2 of them and Sorella carter and I are the first and second councilors in the Young Women’s presidency. So we taught Young Women’s on Sunday, ahha. It was actually really fun. I really liked it. They young women are super great. But so last week we had New Beginnings the day after I got here and we set up for it and both gave talks at it and everything, haha. It went really well though! It was really fun.

It’s funny to have gone from a tiny branch (Montevarchi), to a huge ward (Allesandria), back to a branch (Ravenna). I really love it though, I am so lucky to have served in each of the areas I have been in and with each of my companions. I LOVE Sorella Carter, we get along so well. She’s so great.

Well I think that is everything for this week! I hope everything is well back home! Oh and congrats to Anna for making the Eastlake cheer team! that is so awesome! :)

The church is true! Have a great week! Love you!

Sorella Yost


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