Thursday, May 29, 2014

Letter #37 - 5/27/14

Ciao famiglia!

How are you all?? So this week was a little rough, it all started on Friday when I started to not feel super great, but I tried to persevere and we went to teach a lesson to one of our investigators in the park.  But I wasn’t able to get through it and ended up having to run out of the lesson and throw up behind a bush in the park. I literally left my companion in the middle of Joseph Smith’s first vision and everything, haha! It was horrible timing.

So then we went home and I was up all night throwing up and just slept on the bathroom floor and everything. It was awful. But I just slept all Saturday morning and then we went out so that I could play the piano for the musical number at a little boy in our branch who was baptized on Saturday night. It was such a great baptism. He was so excited, he is thirteen years old and the Anziani (Elders) have been teaching him. Our branch president and his wife are in the process of adopting him and they sang "a child’s prayer" and I played the piano and Sorella Carter directed. It was really cute.

But I am feeling a ton better now! So all is well and back to normal :)

We have been seeing lots of miracles here in Ravenna and the work is starting to pick up. We are just trying so hard to find those people who are waiting to hear about the gospel. We were doing casa (door to door) in a neighborhood on Monday night and were just getting rejected left and right but we ended up finding a woman who was taught by the Anziani years and years ago; and she LOVED us! It was such a huge miracle. She said the last time she saw missionaries was a year ago when they came to try and find her but couldn’t come in because she was home alone. Well guess what. We are women and we will never have that problem, haha! So we are super excited about her. She was super amazing.

And then we have had some amazing lessons with several less active members these past few days too and we are just seeing the hand of the Lord in our work every day. We know if we rely on Him, he will guide us where we need to be. We just have to be willing and ready to act. It’s been really hard but so rewarding.

Also, in other news. Sorella Carter and I found the best gelateria (ice cream shop) in Ravenna the other night. THEY PUT CHOCOLATE IN THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CONE ABBI. I know! It’s great. Mom you would love this place. Some day we will go here together.

And my companion is just the best, I love her so much. This morning she let us sing Christmas hymns during companionship study. And she took such good care of me when I had the flu. Hopefully we get to be together for a second transfer. We will start praying now.

I think that is everything for this week! Everything is great here in Ravenna, We are just pushing forward and trying to find :) I love you all and hope everything is good at home!

Love and miss you! Talk to you next week :)

Sorella Yost


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