Thursday, September 11, 2014

Letter #52 - 9/9/14

Ciao Famiglia!

Looks like everyone is doing so good and getting back into the groove of school :) man. Early morning seminary, haha - good luck Anna! I totally know how you feel. I did that (slept in) all the time and then Abbi would be waiting down stairs for me and I would totally get all the blame for being late ;) haha, but I graduated. Good job on the first cheer and soccer and football games to everyone! I wish I was there to see it all! But right now I’m glad I’m here :) thanks for all the pictures! Helped me feel like I was there too ;) oh man.

This week was crazy. I feel like I say that every week but it is always true, haha.  My bad luck with bikes struck again unfortunately and we were at the bike shop like every single day. Dumb. But all is well now I have a new bike! Blessed be the day. His name is Joey. Funny story though real quick, so we went in on Saturday night to trade in Helga and they gave me Joey.  I was like on Cloud 9 on the bike ride home; just so happy to have a reliable bike. Then on Sunday morning we get on our bikes and start biking to church and....flat tire. My front tire had a huge gapping whole in it. I legit almost cried, haha. So we locked up our bikes at the church and walked everywhere the rest of the day.  Then on Monday we took it back to the bike shop and they gave me a brand new tire for free and fixed it in like 10 minutes. Blessed, they took pity on me, hahah - so now I’m good to go and I didn’t have to carry my grocery bag while I biked home for the first time in 2 transfers, it was so great. I love Joey, he’s a really good bike.

My 1 year mark was super good! Sorella Nilsen made me pancakes for breakfast :) what a perfect daughter I have ;) haha, and we have a new investigator who is super great and currently reading the Book of Mormon and praying for an answer – so we are really praying hard for her. She is super Brava (good) and we just love her already. She is also really reliable and follows up on her commitments which is super refreshing. She’s just brava.

We had a big FHE and dinner at our Branch President’s house last Friday night with one of our investigators and her husband and it went really, really well. They loved it, so that was a huge success. And between us and the Anziani we had 8 investigators and 4 less actives in church on Sunday so we were super happy about that and someone from the Stake Presidency came and talked to our branch about really coming together and being united so that our branch can become a WARD sometime soon in the future. Ahhh, we want Ravenna to become a ward so badly. We just have to work really hard and I know it will happen one day - our branch is so amazing. They are like a big family and they totally deserve to become a ward. I love them so much.

Last night we got to watch the Europe-Area Women’s broadcast and it was so good, loved it. Elder Bednar and Elder Ballard talked and it was really, really amazing. If you it :) Also, can i just say how excited I am for General Conference?! it’s so soon! ahh. Can’t wait.

This week I went on a scambio with Sorella Killpack! It was so fun, love that girl. She’s in the same group as Sorella Jarvis and Carter so she has one transfer left, so weird.

Well I think that is all for this week, thanks for all your prayers! :) I love and miss you so much! ma ci vediamo presto! statemi bene! vi volgio un sacco di mene! mai dimenticarlo! :)

Sorella Alli 


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