Friday, September 26, 2014

Letter #54 - 9/23/14

Ciao Famiglia! come state?! :)

This week has been sooooo long, haha. Literally so much has happened, ahh. Well where to start - we had a super cool family home evening at one of our member’s houses the other day with one of our investigators and a lot of other members and it went so well! They all loved it and I ate like a million different types of meat; it was crazy. Sorella nilsen and I did a lesson on perdono (forgiveness) and they loved it. We did a little backpack object lesson thing and it was super cool. Oh and today we ran into a couple (from Utah) here from the cruise ship and they ran over and talked to us and gave us some food they had and took a picture with us. They were sooooo nice! we were so happy to see them :) small Mormon world.

Last night two random men asked to take pictures of us, it was so was weird - oh Italy. Sorella nilsen let me cut her hair this week, haha so that was fun. Mom my hair is ridiculously long, you would seriously freak out. It needs to be cut so badly, ahha ahh. I will probably chop it when I get home. I imagine 18 months of being in a braid isn’t super healthy, haha oh well.

Funny story, we got home late the other night so the zone leaders told us we had to sing them a song on the phone to make up for it and they requested “If you could hie to Kolob”. So my companion and I did a singing/beepboxing duet to “If you could hie to Kolob” for them. It was hilarious and they were very impressed – ovviamente (obviously).

Tonight we are restarting our English class so pray for us! We are hoping tons of people come and that at least a couple of them will be interested in talking with us a little more. We’ve been getting tons of phone calls and stuff about it so we are really hopeful.

Oh and yesterday I had a PB&J for lunch; I almost cried I was so happy. It was so good – blessed day.

I think that’s everything! Ravenna is great, Sorella Nilsen is great, and I just love life over here. Our investigators are doing good! One came to church for relief society for the first time ever on Sunday so that was a huge miracle :)

Hope all is well back home! love and miss you!

Sorella Yost

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