Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Letter #4 - 10/2/13

I FINALLY GOT THE PICTURES TO WORK!!!!!!!! Only took me a month, no worries. haha So hopefully you enjoyed getting a thousand emails because it only lets me send two at a time :) haha so Spencer came and found me today and we called the bank and they said they got my travels plans all set to go and then he had me sign a paper so that you can access my account and everything from now on while I'm gone. We got to use the info you texted him dad so thank you so much! I was so temped to text you but I resisted. haha So tell Spencer thank you again for me! He was so helpful. Let me know if I need to do anything else. Oh and he told me a really cool story about Grandpa Yost and President Nally, the president of the MTC, but I don’t have a lot of time because of sending all the pictures so I will write that in a letter today :) Also today I got to host the new missionaries at west campus!! It was so much fun. And guess who I got to host? BROOKE LEFEVER! So cool :) We totally made a scene in front of the bus and everything and it was great. So tell her parents she is totally okay and is on west campus with me and Dakota :) Oh and will you please tell Jamie thank you so much for sending me her address so I can send her letter from like two weeks ago and write her this week :) THANKS JAMES :) so this week Sister Mcpeek only had one night terror...but we aren’t entirely sure haha it's so funny. We wake up and will try and remember if she just talked in her sleep or screamed. I'm so used to it now. It's crazy. This week it started to get pretty cold so I had to pull out my space bag full of winter stuff to get my coat. But now it's getting warm again so I don’t know if I'll need it again. We will see. Then our zone is basically the best zone ever and we play bump-lightning-blackout-elimination aka bump (there was a big dispute on what the "real name" of the game is haha) during our gym time at night and it is so fun. We all get really into it. And I totally won the first game! haha Everyone was freaking out because I was making threes and getting the elders out and they totally weren't expecting it at all. haha classic. But we have a lot of fun. We are always the table at lunch that is laughing the entire time. It's so fun and it'll be sad when everyone goes to their separate missions in a week and a half. 8 of us will all go to Milan together though so that's good :) Oh dad, you'll be so proud of me! I played the piano for my branch on Sunday during Sacrament Meeting without even being asked to! It was scary because I wasn’t planning on it at all and a member of the mtc Branch presidency was there because one of the counselors was getting released but I did it! :) We taught a man named Stephen in our TRC on Saturday and it was such a cool experience. We didn’t think we were going to teach him that day and then our teachers walked in and told us to grab our scriptures and go because we have TRC so we didn’t have a lesson planned and so on our way in to the room we decided to teach about the plan of salvation and so we started with a prayer and I just kept saying, "Heavenly father, what should we teach Stephen?" over and over again in my head and the word "Atonement" came to mind and then I had all these ideas of what to say and it was the coolest thing ever. The Italian just flowed and we were able to teach him a lesson that I know Heavenly Father wanted him to hear and the Spirit was so strong. I am so glad I have this opportunity to be a servant to the Lord. It is the best calling in the world and the Gospel can bring people so much happiness. Heavenly Father will always help us; we just have to ask :) Tell Anna I hope she had an amazing birthday and that I love her :) Tell Will and Abbi and Charlie I love and miss them too! thanks for all the cards and letters and dear elders! I absolutely love them! THANK YOU!!!! Love and miss you mom and dad! Thanks for everything!

Sorella Alli Yost

My New Bed

My closet

                                                     my really cute work out outfit haha 

"we made it to Sunday" on the first Sunday in the MTC :) 

                                                             me and my district :)

how i really feel about ironing... sorry grandma :) 
 how i feel when i get home at night haha i always tell everyone to go to bed. hahahah sleep is precious
I miss my puppy. so i talk to a picture of him haha 

                                                       telling charlie to sit :) hahaha

                                                   the girls waiting for the train to SLC

                                                   trip to SLC to see the consulate :)

                                                       our zone in front of the map!

famous map picture :)

really excited about my 1st package :) THANK YOU MOM AND DAD

one of the times i ran into Bonnie :) LOVE HER.

                                my classroom aka where I basically live every minute of every day.

 sora bray and i were matching and didn't even plan it :) i love her. she is so awesome. and hilarious.

we were really excited to wear pants haha  

                                               this is my stash under my bed haha


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