Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Letter #5 - 10/21/13

Ciao Mia famiglia! 

So it's my last week in the MTC!!! so crazy. We leave on tuesday mornign! Our flight leaves around 12:30 so I will be calling sometime before then! I am so excited to talk to you!! :) I will tell you all the specifics of my itinerary in my letter I'll write today but we go from SLC to Dallas to London to Milan. I bought a $5 calling card today so I can call you from SLC and then save the International ones for our layover in London. So I got to meet President Nally last week! He was super nice and told me how much he loved Grandpa Yost. It was really cool. thank you so much for that story about Grandpa Yost, dad! I loved that so much. I didn't know all of that. really really neat. And last week I got your package mom! Thank you so much! I LOVE that scarf! So cute. Thank you so much! And those sees candies are now my own personal countdown to Italy. I eat one every night before I go to bed. haha So I need to give what I don't want to bring to Spencer? I can just mail it home if that's easier.They have a mail center on West Campus. But whatever is easier for you! I think I want to keep my sheets and pillow and then send home my blanket, unless I have room. And then I just have a few shirts that I tried on that don't go with anything that i figure i shouldnt bring all the way to Italy. OH and then we got a letter from President Dibb this week saying no I-pods. So I have to send that home before I leave to. Let me know! Conference was so good! It went by so much faster here in the MTC than it ever has before. Probably because I wasn't taking notes for Seminary make up. haha I did miss watching it with the family and the Rands though. That's a good tradition we have. After conference on saturday night we got to watch the Relief Society Broadcast and I got to watch it with Bonnie! Ahh it was so fun. She saved sister Mcpeek and me a seat so we got to watch it together. Loved it. And then on sunday night for our devotional vocal point came and performed for us which was super cool! I had to say by to Bonnie which was super sad though. But she will have such an amazing experience in Boston and Brazil :) I am so excited for her. She is awesome :) Oh then todya guess what! I got to see Lauren!!! I saw her right after she got dropped off and was waling away with her host. It was totally an answer to prayers because I really wanted to see her and then right before we were going to give up and leave and go back to west campus she was there. So cool. She looked really happy and excited :) she is going to be such a great missionary. So proud of her. Oh and this week we found steel wool in our brownies at dinner. classic west campus. haha but i love it here. it'll be so weird to leave but I am so excited! I have learned so much here at the MTC and I have so many things to be grateful for. I know italy is where I am supposed to be and I can't wait to get out there and give it my all. Here's something in italian for you :) Io so il vangelo di Gesu Cristo e vero ed Io so famigli puo essere insieme per sempre. Io so noi siamo figli di Dio ed lui amore tutti noi. Io motto grato per tu amare ed vi voglio bene! Te amo mom and dad! tell the family I say hi and that I love and miss them! Hi charlie! :) 

Love you! 

Sorella Alli Yost

P.S. thank you so much for all the cards and pictures and dear elders! I love them all :)

me and my district with the statue of Samuel Smith the first lds missionary
found uncle Joe and aunt Barbara on the wall of the MTC haha

 bonnie (her friend from here and BYU)  and my nametags
                                       me and Bonnie after watching the RS broadcast together :)
                                                            my zone minus a few

I SAW LAUREN :) right when she was walking away with her host after getting dropped off

                     (Lauren is her really good friend she met at BYU last year.  She is serving in Australia)
501 verbs...this book is amazing. hahaha 

                                                            me and my district

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