Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Letter #6 - 10/23/13


HOLY COW. So I am living in Italy! It has been the craziest week of my life. Okay so first of all, I don't know italian. hahaha awesome. But my trainer promised me I will learn it so i am hopeful. But I am living in Florence right now and serving in an area called Montevarchi! It is so beautiful and literally in the hills of Tuscany. So pretty. Sorella Lopez and I have about 5 cities we are over and so we basically live on the train. It's pretty fun. Right now we are living with two other sisters in our Florence apartment. They are super nice. They are supposed to be serving in Siena but one of the sisters had an allergic reaction to the mold in their apartment so they had to move to Florence (Firenze in Italian) and so now they are temporarily serving as the Firenze sisters. Sorella Lopez and I are supposed to be living in San Giovanni (one of our cities) but our apartment didnt have gas or hot water for two weeks so they are having us live in the Firenze apartment too until they fix that. Basically we are all the misfits living together, haha, but its awesome, all the sisters are great and we get along really well. My trainer has been sick this past week so that made things kind of interesting. I taught my first lesson with one of the Firenze sisters and guess what I ate RAW FISH - oh my gosh. It was not good at all. But I just kept telling myself how big of a sacrifice it was for the investigator to give to me and I was able to eat it. Then yesterday at one of our appointments, I had to eat prune pudding, yup thats real. But the lady was so sweet I just couldn't say no. Teaching is super interesting here. You have people from all over, so some lessons are in italian...some are in italian/spanish...we have one investigator who speaks romanian....and then some from Nigeria who we teach in English. So a little bit of everything haha I am learning so much and humbled each and every day. I know this is Heavenly Father's work and the only way I will be able to do it is through him. This week has been hard. Really hard. But I know it is all worth it. I just have to have faith - I will learn it all with time. Did you get the package form Spencer yet? Do we know why our phone call was dropped yet? I think that maybe they think it was fraud because I had put the card in so many different times. When I tried to call back they said my card was rejected and then I had to run to my flight so I am not sure - that was all so confusing; I felt so bad. But I am so glad I got to talk to you! Thank you!
I am going to try and send pictures so you can see how pretty it is here. I love it. Tell Will, Abbi and Anna I say "hi" and that I love them! Oh and Charlie too :) haha.  Love and miss you mom and dad! Thank you so much for everything you do for me! You are the best. Have a happy happy birthday Dad! I will be thinking of you! Love you! 
Sorella Alli 
 Sister McPeek and I with our new necklaces (thanks Will) before we left the MTC.
 Our German neighbors in the MTC
 Our MTC classroom - 2nd floor to the left. 
 Trying really hard to learn Italian.
 Two more MTC teachers (Teichert and Lehnardt) with sisters from my MTC district.
 Sorella Miles, my amazing MTC teacher.
 Our MTC District with two of our teachers.
 Sister McPeek and I saying Goodbye to America.
 Calling home from London Heathrow.
 At the Duomo in Milano - my 1st day in Italy.
 At the Ecco Florence.
With Sister Lopez (my new companion) at the Duomo in Florence.
 The view from one of the train stations.
My first Italian purchase - matching purses.

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