Thursday, December 5, 2013

Letter #12 - 12/4/13

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi family! How is everyone?! Did you have a great Thanksgiving? We celebrated Thanksgiving in true missionary style, we ate pizza and watched the district in our sweats - haha so funny. Sounds like it was so fun having Uncle Jim and Aunt Tonia and everyone there! Oh and Kaila had her baby?! He is so cute!!! I can't wait to meet him someday :) haha - tell her and Joey congrats!

This week was really good, we had our 4 investigators in church on Sunday and they all loved it! We have a new investigator that is a friend of theirs and she is 12 years old and seriously soooo cute - haha -  She is HILARIOUS - haha. She is trying to learn English and I am terrible at Italian so we help each other out and are pretty much best friends, its great, haha, she is so adorable and she LOVED church. We went to visit her and our other investigators on Sunday night - it's a mom and her daughter and then their two friends, one of which is this 12 year old girl. They are all friends so they all go over to the mom and her daughters house all the time. And so the litDle 12 year old girl comes in the room while we are having the lesson with the daughter and sits down and is like "okay, so if I want to get baptized, what do we need to do?" hahaha and we are like "well first we need to talk to your mom..." and she is like" oh no, my mom will be fine -  don't worry, but what do we need to do?" haha! So we told her we will need to meet a few times each week and teach her and so she takes my planner and writes out her schedule for me. haha She has dance on Mondays and then school until 3 every day and then she is free. haha It was so funny, Sorella Lopez and I were laughing so hard.

I can't wait to Skype with you on Christmas - we are so excited!!  I think it will be the best Christmas present ever.  Make sure Abbi notices the One Direction singing thing hanging on our funny wall from the card she sent me - haha, it still sings and lights up. Thank you for the great letters you write me and all the cards.  I love reading about dad's mission stories and Mom, you are the best at all the details from home.  I also like that you each send me a quote every week.  I print out your emails, and read them over and over again.

We moved apartments last week and our new apartment is so cute - it is a really nice apartment! Our old one was really nice too, but this one is a lot cuter and we even stay warm at night now - haha, and yeah I like having my own pillow from home - I couldn't sleep without it, and my sheets are perfect. My new apartment is great - it even has its own mailbox so you can send my letters direct to me.

We decorated the walls in our new apartment and on one wall we have a sign that says "Enjoy the Sacrifice" and we write inspirational quotes and miracles on it. Then we have another wall where we write all our funny quotes and stories; it's great. On our funny wall we have a picture of everyone coming out of the Conference Center after General Conference and then we have a sign that says "never forget Utah still exists - you are never alone," haha because no one ever knows who we are here, very rarely have people even heard of "Mormons." So sometimes we just have to remind ourselves that we aren't alone and that there are members of the church all over the world. We are turning our ladder into a Christmas tree this week so get excited for pictures of that, haha - but I love and miss you so much! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that Will has a great birthday today!! :) Love you!

Sorella Alli

 My leather-bound scriptures
 Italian sunset from our balcony
 This is really good
 Our new apartment
Our quote wall
 We love to decorate
 Our beds
This is really nice

I love my trainer & McDonalds

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