Thursday, December 19, 2013

Letter #14 - 12/18/13

Buon Natale (Merry Christmas)!

So this week was crazy. Literally. Haha so much has happened. But we are doing so good! Next week is Christmas? What? So weird, haha. But we are definitely in the Christmas Spirit listening to "Oh Holy Night" by Glee on repeat whenever we are home. It’s our favorite, haha.

We are going to Firenze for Christmas! We don’t really have a member’s house to go to for Christmas since we have like 15 members and they all live at least a train ride and then usually an additional car ride away from the station and apparently the trains don’t run as often on Christmas, so we are going to a member’s house in Florence with another set of sisters to Skype! We can only Skpye for 40 minutes!  I will just call you when we get on – I will use Dad’s account. We are so excited! You better be too ;) haha.

Funny story for the week, apparently I laugh in my sleep sometimes? Haha. Sorella Lopez said that the other night I laughed in the middle of the night in my sleep. She said it was funny and creepy all at the same time. The things you learn about yourself on a mission right? Haha.

I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU GOT RID OF THE BEAST (our old suburban with 200,000 miles on it). The burb is really gone? Forever? Good thing I said goodbye in the parking garage at the airport, haha. Do you like the new car mom? All the cars here are tiny little Fiats. I can’t even remember what it’s like to not have to bend to get into a car anymore, haha classic.

Our investigators are still doing well and we just love them so much. They are so strong and they know it’s all true. So hopefully we will be having three baptisms pretty soon!

It’s Christmas season and it is so important to remember why we celebrate this time of year. We are so blessed to be a part of this Gospel, it truly does bring happiness. I have already seen that so much here. Remember Christ especially this time of year! He is the reason for the season :) Love you all and I’m so excited to SEE YOU next week! Thanks for all the love and prayers!

Ti voglio tanto bene!

Sorella Alli


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