Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Letter #13 - 12/11/13

Ciao Famiglia!
How is everything back home? This week has been really good! Our investigators are amazing and are so prepared for the gospel. It has been so cool to watch them gain a testimony for themselves. We love them so much!

So yesterday we had Zone Conference! It was really fun and President and Sister Dibb put on a little Christmas party for us and it was really, really fun :) They got us all aprons with the mission logo sewn on them! They are really cute and we had lunch prepared by one of the Italian senior missionary couples and it was SO GOOD. I didn’t see anyone from the MTC at zone conference as we all got super spread out in the mission – I am the only one in this zone. 

We are not sure what we are doing for Christmas, I don’t think there will be a branch party or anything and we already had our zone conference, which was a Christmas party.  It was really, really fun! Maybe we will do something with the other sorelle in Firenze. The computer won’t let me load any pictures today so I will send more next week! :) You will be so proud mom, haha we tried so hard but the computer wouldn’t cooperate. Italian is hard but I am trying my best! I am sure between Sister Lopez and the Zone Leaders we will figure out how to Skype on Christmas. 

Our zone leaders are actually the elders that were assigned to our branch and they are really great! I think they go to Milan once a month for consiglio, but I’m not sure if they ever have to go more than that.  They have a car, but I never want to drive over here – ever! It would be so scary because Italian drivers are crazy.

I got all the packages you sent Mom! Thank you sooooo much! You seriously spoiled me. Tell Abbi and Anna nice job wrapping, haha. But really thank you so much! I am so lucky and I am excited to open them on Christmas! :) And tell everyone thanks that wrote me a letter for the advent calendar! Those mean so much to me and I love reading one each day. Thanks so much Mom and Dad! So we made our Christmas tree and we are so proud of it, haha. We put a green blanket over our ladder and then made ornaments out of paper and bought some Christmas lights and wrapped them around it and then put a star we made out of cardboard at the top. It is really legit. Plus we have the Christmas tree in a box you sent nicely situated on our dinner table.  We have two trees!!

Even though it is cold old, we are staying warm! It actually gets really, really foggy here. Fog in Italian is nebbia, but yeah it gets super, super foggy and the train stations look really creepy – kind of like out of a Harry Potter book, haha. It’s really cool. Our new apartment is really nice and we stay really warm and my coat is perfect outside. I always wear the running tights from like freshman year track under my skirt haha, cute right?

Thanks for all your prayers for us and our investigators! Everything is going well here and we are so grateful for this time of year especially because people really do turn more to Christ at this time. Thanks for everything you do for me; I am literally the most spoiled missionary ever. I am glad Will had a good birthday! Thanks for all the pictures! :) I love you!

Have a great week and I will talk to you next week!

Love, Sorella Alli

A Thanksgiving Dinner I will never forget!

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