Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Letter #23 - 2/19/14


Crazy week, but so so good. First of all, our investigator got BAPTIZED!! Everything went well and she is baptized and confirmed and happy and all is well in Italia :) haha, but for real, it was a miracle we were there for her baptism because we had to go to the questura that morning to pick up my permesso and we got there on time and our number was 88....and they were only on #2, haha. It went so so slow and we ended up being there for 3 and a half hours before I got it, haha, it was nuts. We were freaking out because we thought we were going to be late for the baptism. How tragic would that have been? Haha, but we prayed really, really hard, like literally every time the number changed we said a prayer and by some miracle we made it out on time. The church is true people!

And the baptism was so so good, the Spirit was so strong and our Branch President was the one that baptized her and he was crying and she was crying and it was just all so beautiful. I LOVE MY JOB.

Also, transfer news! Sorella Lopez is being transferred to Varese and I am staying here in Montevarchi and getting a new companion! Her name is Sorella Jarvis. I am going to go pick her up tomorrow in Bologna! Sorella Lopez and I are sad to leave each other, we have had a lot of fun together and seen so many miracles but we are excited too :) she is going to do so well in Varese!

Also, guess what? Sprinkles do exist here in Italy! I found them the other day, and I bought them and now I am eating them with everything. It’s great and reminds me of home, haha!

I think that is all for this week, I am so grateful that I get to be an Italy Milan missionary, I love this place and I love the people even more. They are so special. Tell everyone hi for me and that I love and miss them! And tell Mal congrats on the baby! Tell my new little cousin I say “hi” and that I will see her in a year :)

Love you Mom and Dad!

Sorella Alli

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