Thursday, February 6, 2014

Letter #21 - 2/5/14

Ciao Famiglia!
How are you all?! So this week was good! It actually went by super-fast! So first of all, last Wednesday for pday we went to San Gimignano and it is literally the prettiest city I have been to in Italy so far. I LOVED IT; It was so beautiful! The view was amazing and we had so much fun. We went with the Sorelle from Firenze again, and there was like no one there which made it even more fun, haha. It was like we had it all to ourselves. We froze our butts off though – but it was so worth it. There was a well in one part of the city and we all made a wish and threw in a coin, haha – It was really fun.
Then today we went to Lucca! It was really cute and we had some really good pizza and definitely the best gelato I have had so far in Italy. It was incredible. I would go back just to have the gelato again, haha!  We climbed to the top of this tower that had trees on the top of it just because we thought it looked cool and it had an incredible view. We always climb the towers. It is our new rule no matter where we go because it is always so cool, haha!
This week was good! We have been trying really hard to teach on the trains and we have seen a lot of miracles. We met one woman on the train last night who was so sweet and cried and everything while we were talking to her. She was super sweet and hopefully we will see her sometime next week too!
Also, our investigator with a baptismal date is doing so good! We are so proud of her. She is 17 and from Nigeria and we absolutely love her. She got up and bore her testimony in sacrament meeting on Sunday and it was so cool to see. She absolutely loves the Gospel and she is so strong. We love her!
Transfers are in two weeks and we have no idea what is going to happen but we are seeing a lot of miracles in our area right now and we are so grateful. Heavenly Father is definitely taking care of us out here in Montevarchi!
Thanks for everything you do for me! I love and miss you all so much but I know I am exactly where I need to be right now.
Love you and talk to you next week! :)
Sorella Alli :)

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