Friday, February 14, 2014

Letter #22 - 2/12/14

First of all, a couple weeks late but I am proud to be a Seahawk! Haha, That is so cool about the Superbowl!  Also, DAD BOUGHT A TRUCK?! Hahaha, it’s about time! Now that he has his truck we don’t have to build "the edition" right? pleaseeeee don’t! hahaha, How is everything back home?! We are still surviving the rainy season over here in Italy and actually we have seen the sun a few times the past couple days so we are super stoked.

This week was really good and we are doing great here in Montevarchi! Last week was Sorella Lopez's year mark so we had a little birthday party for her and I made her blow out a candle and everything! Haha, don’t worry mom, I got the "fake blowing out the candle picture" just like you taught me, hahaha just kidding.  We actually got it first try! Haha. But it was a lot of fun and we ate sebadas, our favorite dessert from Sardena.

This week we set a goal to teach 30 lessons and with the help of Heavenly Father we did it! Literally we saw so many miracles; we met one woman on the train who was super super sweet and wants us to come teach her so we are going to see her on Thursday! She is super, super nice and we already love her. She is from Santa Domingo too, ironically enough, hahah. We have met so many nice people who were willing to listen to us and we were so happy we reach our goal. And now we are exhausted.

Everything is going well with our investigator with a baptismal date so we should be having a baptism here really soon! She is really excited and is basically already a member of the branch, everyone loves her. She is hilarious, haha, she keeps us laughing all the time. Our three new converts are doing really well too! The 16 year old just became the Young Women’s secretary and she loves it. And she loves seminary. And the little 12 year old loves Young Womens too and they are planning a temple trip hopefully this summer. And the mom is working and loves the gospel so much! She always feed us rice from Santa Domingo and is super cute. We love those girls so much. It’s pretty incredible to see how much they have grown in the last few months. They truly have a light about them now. I am so proud of them!

Also, guess what! I got a letter this week from an Elder I have never met before in...Wisconsin! He said he met a couple at the BYU fireside after the big BYU Football game and they talked to him about missionaries and their daughter serving a mission in Italy...and he decided he was going to write me a letter! Haha.  He didn’t have my address or anything and just had an address to one of the Italy Missions his friend was in and decided to try and see if it was mine - turns out it he guessed right. He was really nice and just talked about how proud you guys were of missionaries and that I making a difference out here that I can’t even see. It was a really sweet letter and it made me miss you guys so much! He said you were so nice to him! And he said you haven’t emailed him yet like you said you would, haha. So you should probably get on that ;) haha but yeah! it was super nice of him and totally made my day to hear about how awesome my Mom and Dad are :)

Also! I got your packages! Thank you SO much! I loved them! We sat on the bathroom floor and opened them all and...may have eaten one of the bags of Doritos and chocolates bars right then and there, haha! It was so funny! But we loved it all! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys are the best :) Well I think that is all for this week! I hope everything is good back home! love and miss you all so much! talk to you soon!

Sorella Alli

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