Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Letter #49 - 8/19/14

Ciao La Mia Famiglia!

Come State?! Well this week has been CRAY!! But in the best way possible. Last week we went to Bologna for the new missionary training and it was so fun. Sorella Nilsen just showed everyone up and knew all the answers; I was so proud of her, hahhaha – scherzo (joking). But she did like know all the answers to everything. Her parents just finished serving as mission presidents so she already knows like everything, but I got to take all the credit - super nice, haha! ah man.

On the way to Bologna we taught a train lesson! Shout out to Sorella Lopez (my trainer who taught me the art of train contacting). She would be so proud of me; I’m a little rusty but still remember all she taught me, haha – but it was really cool. And we taught another train lesson on our way to Rimini the other day too. Train finding is back, Haha! So Whenever we are on the trains, look out. Mom you got to talk to Sorella Lopez on the phone? I’m so jealous of both of you, haha! I want to talk to you both! ahhh soon enough.

We had this really awesome branch activity on Sunday night for a member’s birthday and one of our investigators was there and she just loved it. It was so great. He lives out in the fields in the countryside so it was so beautiful. And then this week president Dibb challenged all the new missionaries and their trainers to teach at least 21 lessons (so from Monday to Sunday) and Sorella Nilsen and I are already at 8! We are being so blessed. Two people have let us into their houses while we were doing casa (house finding) and one is a 19 year old girl who was so amazing. SO AMAZING. She accepted the book of Mormon and everything.

We are so ready for ferie agosto (August vacations) to be over so people don’t go on vacation but we are seeing so many miracles. We were counting up all of our bug bites on our legs yesterday when we went to unlock our bikes after getting rejected for like an hour and a half of finding and this lady felt so bad for us she stopped and talked to us and we ended up teaching her a lesson and she gave us her address and phone number and everything. The Lord does work in mysterious ways, am I right? Haha. But it was so great and also funny.

Sunday my collega (companion) and I are teaching the Young Women’s lesson on dating, hhaa – so funny. Probably the two most unqualified people in the branch; so it should be fun.

I hope all is well back home! I CANT BELIEVE YOU TOOK OUT THE HEDGES in the front yard?? Haha, so funny. Hopefully by the time I get home the house is still facing the same way ;) – stop changing everything!! Haha, scherzo (joking).

Love and miss you! Talk to you soon!

Sorella Yost

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