Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Letter #50 - 8/26/14

Ciao Famiglia! 

Sorry not a lot of time to write, but this week has been sooooo great! We were able to hit Presidente Dibbs sfida (challenge) of 21 lessons this week for all the new missionaries and 3 new investigators! We are so tired but it was so worth it! We literally saw so many miracles, ahhhh no time to tell you about them all, but two of our new investigators are 19 years old and super awesome.

Here is a funny story – on Sunday in Sacrament Meeting they chose a hymn NO ONE knew, including myself, so it was one of the funniest things ever. All of us were trying not to laugh, and our Branch President made an announcement at the end saying that all that matters is that we are trying. Its hymn number 89 in Italian, so if anyone wants to teach me that one when I get home for the next time I am the branch pianist that would be greatly appreciated, haha, oh man.

My greenie made a Harry Potter reference this week in weekly planning and I told her I have never been more proud of her, haha. We laughed for like 5 minutes straight, haha. Oh and here’s one for will – he will like this. One of our investigators didn’t come to church on Sunday and the first thought that came into my mind was that scene in Harry Potter 5 when he is yelling at Voldemort "you know what, I feel sorry for you! Because you’ll never know what love really is!!" haha. So yeah, Harry Potter applies to missionary work all the time.

Today we went to the mosaics and it was so fun! Sorella Nilsen loved it. I can’t believe we literally live right next to these beautiful places. We are so lucky to be here. Sorry this is so short, but I spent all my time emailing back and forth with my Mom today!

All is well here in Ravenna :) We love it and are seeing the Lord’s hand in our work every day!

I love and miss you! Have fun at Hood Canal!

Vi voglio bene! (I love you).

Sorella Yost



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