Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Letter #47 - 8/5/14

Ciao Famiglia!

Guess what? I’M HAVING A BABY!!!!! IT’S A GIRL!!!!! What? That’s right – I’M TRAINING!!! So, basically this is what went down – Sorella Carter and I were like so sure that we were going to stay together; we even made nature themed matching planners for next transfer (haha we don’t have very many Ensigns left) but then on Saturday afternoon we got a call from President Dibb and he first told Sorella Carter that she is getting transferred to Milano and she is going to train there and be in a three some with a sister that finishes her mission in 2 weeks (going home early for school) and so then we were of course freaking out....then he asked to talk to me.... and told me that I would be staying in Ravenna AND training as well. Yeah. So that happened, haha, so great. Sorella carter and I are so sad to leave each other but so excited that we are going to be training together. She is going to be such a great trainer and kill it in Milano. AHHH, but I’m freaking out! I’m going to train! I feel like I’m still a baby in the mission, but I’m actually starting my 8th transfer, haha weird! And I know that Sorella McPeak is training too, Mom! So I will get to see her! So excited :) I think that a greenie is exactly what Ravenna needs. It will be so fun and she is going to love it here. It is so beautiful and I just love our Branch.

Oh, and by the way, I am the new Branch pianist – whooo! Haha, so that should be fun. I am also giving a talk on Sunday, so pray for me. Haha, luckily I don’t think we are in charge of teaching Young Women’s this Sunday. So it’s going to be a crazy week. We head to Milano in like an hour and then tomorrow I will pick up my companion! So get excited for pictures of that next week.

Tell Cali and Sarah congrats for me for getting married! I loved all the wedding pics! They looked beautiful! and nice job on being on time for church Mom, haha, so proud.  This week the weather has been crazy... we had a huge storm on Sunday night that started when we were out on our bikes riding to the train station to go to a city called Russi to visit a family in the Branch. It was the worst storm I have been in so far on the mission. We were SOAKED, literally. We looked like we had jumped into a pool in our clothes; our makeup was like washed away, our hair was dripping, I could pour water out of my ballet flats, haha. It was insane – everyone we saw was just huddled under coverings, there was no one on the streets, haha. So we tried to ring out our clothes the best we could while standing on the train but we were still dripping water, haha, and when we got off the train to meet the member at the station to get a ride to her house – and when she saw us her jaw literally dropped, haha. As soon as we got to their house they made us take off our shoes outside, wear the husband’s sandals upstairs, and then change into some of the wife’s clothes, haha it was hilarious. We looked like we had been through it.

Then on the way home our train was in ritardo (delayed) so we took some pictures at the train station. Hope you enjoy them, haha.  Another miracle – our less active came to church again this Sunday! This is her fourth time now! Such a huge miracle. She even bore her testimony and everything, so great.

This week we have still been rejected a lot but we have also seen countless miracles and tender mercies from the Lord. WE GOT IN ON CASA (door to door). That doesn’t happen often! Huge miracle. We have just been really learning that everything we do, we do it for the Lord. Even if the results don’t come right away, we are working hard and trying our best for the Lord and he is proud of us. We just have to trust in His timing and do our part. Everything works out in the end.

I am just so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission, so grateful. It has changed my life and will continue to do so forever. The lessons I am learning out here are so incredible and my testimony is stronger than ever before.

I love you so much famiglia mia! have a great week and I will talk to you soon with my greenie! :)

Sorella Yost


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