Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Letter #55 - 9/30/14

Ciao Famiglia Mia! :)

Come state?! (how are you?) first of all...BUON COMPLEANNO ANNA!!!!!! :) (Happy Birthday Anna) I hope you have an awesome 15th birthday! It makes me feel old to think that when I left you were still 13... ahhhhhh. Stop growing up! Don’t worry; we will eat gelato for you today ;)

So guess what! Last week 45 people came to our English class! It was a HUGE miracle! It’s a little intimidating teaching them all but we have a lot of fun with it, haha, it’s great. So we are hoping that we can find a lot of people to teach from them so speriamo bene che quello vada bene (well hopefully one that goes well).

ALSO - remember that peanut butter gelato I told you about? Well I am a genius and I got that the other day with fragola (strawberry) and it was literally like a peanut butter and jelly gelato sandwich. I have to stop myself for getting it every time now. It was sooo good.

On Sunday our branch had a big pranzo (lunch) together after church and it was so fun! Sorella Nilsen and I made these cookies that everyone LOVES. We were requested to bring them to every branch function forever, haha.

Also Sorella Nilsen got her permesso (paperwork) this week! She’s official! and I’m almost done with the renewal process so we have had to spend quite a bit of time at the questura (police station) and posta (post office) this week. And this morning we passed our apartment cleaning check, another miracle. Haha!

Our investigators are doing well! We have one investigator who is sooooo ready to be baptized, but because of some legal things we have to wait a little longer, so it’s been a little heartbreaking for us the past few days. She’s so ready and wants it so badly but we have to wait a little bit. But she just has the biggest heart ever and I love her so much. She asked Sorella Nilsen and I to come back to Italy and be the witnesses at her and her fiancĂ©’s wedding when they can finally get married. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?! I literally almost cried. I just have so much love for her.

Sorella Nilsen is a rock star and I’m just so glad we are companions. We have so much fun together all the time. Italy is great. I’s getting a lot colder now for sure, though. I can almost say that I have survived all the mosquito seasons on the mission! They should all die fra alcuni settimane (within a few weeks). That will be a blessed day.

All is well here :) Being a missionary is the living best. Our zone has been focusing a lot on the Atonement of Jesus Christ this transfer and I am learning so much. I feel like especially during my time here in Ravenna, I’ve grow so much closer to my Savior and gained so much more of an appreciation for Him and all he did for us. Everything we do should be for Him. He is so aware of each one of us because he has literally been there.

Vi voglio tantissimo bene! (I want so much good).  Have a great week! :) Love and miss you!

Sorella Yost

p.s. sorry my emails are always so scatter brained, hahaha, love you!

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