Friday, October 24, 2014

Letter #58 - 10/21/14

Ciao Famiglia!

Come state?!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDDDDD!!!!!!!!

This week was so good! We saw so many miracles! We have so many awesome new investigators that we are really excited about so we will see what happens with them :) they were definitely all an answer to prayers though. God’s timing truly is perfect and puts us in the perfect places at the perfect times.

This week we did a mostra (street display) in centro with some members of the branch and it was really awesome! I think it was really cool for them to taste a little bit of what we do every day. It was really awesome and we found some really cool people! So we are excited :) they played Grazia Lui in the background and it was so powerful (i think it’s called “Because of Him” in English? From the Easter movie about Christ?) So that was awesome.

Oh but it was so funny, this man yelled at me from the gazebo telling me that the Madonna ( Mary, Jesus's mom) is my mother too and that I have to know that. He just shook his finger at me and yelled it at me for like 30 seconds. Probably like 75 year old man. I had no idea what to do so I just tried not to laugh and tell him I hope he has a great day, ahha, oh man.

And then today we went to the mare (ocean)! it was soooo pretty today. Don’t worry; we didn’t go on the beach or near the water, just on the wooded path. But it was so fun. We took some funny pictures. enjoy :)

Transfer calls are this Saturday so we will see what happens. Other than that, I think that’s all for this week.

We are doing well; I just love Sorella Nilsen sooo much. She’s just so great and I’m so glad she’s my verdina (Greenie) :) We have so much fun together and work really hard and see a lot of miracles too. She’s so brava (good).

We are doing well; our investigators are doing well and we have lot of faith in them. Ravenna is the best. I just love it here :) The mission is the best!

Sorry, another short email! Hopefully the pictures make up for it :)

vi voglio benissimo! statemi bene! (Have a great day)  :)

Sorella Yost

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