Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Letter #59 - 10/28/14

Ciao famiglia!!!!

So...its transfer week! And guess what, I’m leaving Ravenna and Sorella Nilsen :( so sad. But I’m going to be white washing (both sisters are being transferred out) a city called Busto Arsizio, training a new missionary AGAIN, and I am now a new Sister Training Leader - sooooo yeah, I am kind of freaking out – I really have no idea what I’m doing. I am sure it will be fine, haha, but oh man.  I will just figure it out as I go I guess!

We are leaving tonight and staying the night in Reggio Emilia so that we can get to Milano early enough for me to get to Cimiano (Milan) and pick up my new greenie! This is so weird, I already have a greenie! Haha – well now Sorella Nilsen will have a s sibling :) haha!

So with my new greenie, we will somehow make our way to Busto with both of our bags and then somehow figure out where our apartment is and everything else we need to know about the area. We won’t have a phone or anything, so the Anziani (Elders) will probably meet us at the station or something to give us our phone and keys and tell us how to get to the apartment and the church or something – I sure hope they do, oh man.  This will be an adventure.

This week has been crazy between saying “bye” to everyone and seeing all our investigators one last time before I go, and we’ve seen a ton of miracles. Yesterday we were gone from our apartment from 8:30 am until like 9:30 pm with back-to-back appointments. It was insane, haha – we are dead tired. I got my suitcases all packed and I can’t believe I’m leaving Ravenna. I’ve been here so long; it’s so weird to think about.  I’m so sad to leave some of these really amazing people that Sorella Nilsen and I found. They are so amazing and will do great things. And it was hard saying “bye” to the Branch last night too. They are all so sweet. Oh and Mom and Dad, just so you know, at least like 50% of the branch offered their homes for us to stay at if we ever come back to visit after I finish the mission, haha – so we have to come back ;) haha!!

Sorella Nilsen and I are so sad to leave each other though; I’m going to miss her so much. we were doing weekly planning on Friday and we got to the part in comp inventory where you discuss the strength of your companionship and we both just looked at each other and started crying, hahahaa – ah man. She’s so great. She’s going to do so great here in Ravenna with her new compie, I have no doubt.

Well I think that’s all for this week! It’s been cray and I’m exhausted, haha – but all is well in Zion.

Love and miss you! talk to you soon! :)

Sorella Yost

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