Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Letter #61 - 11/11/14

Ciao Famiglia! Come State?!

We are going to Milano for pday today so we had to email early!

What?! you have frost on the ground in Redmond?!! It’s just POURING rain here, haha, luckily we got Sorella Hawks some rain boots last week on pday so now we are surviving the weather a lot better, haha. Our boots are actually super cute, we are totally matching, haha – oh and we got little sock inserts for them too to make it warmer and they are like the most blessed things ever. We love them and are never cold.

This week has been a lot better, we are starting to figure our way out around the city and aren’t getting lost as much. However, we almost got separated on the train the other day which was SO scary, hahah - the doors closed after Sorella Hawks got on the train and so only I got locked out of the train when the doors closed. I had to quickly run to the front of the train to get let on by the conductor - ha it was so scary. After the doors closed we just were standing there staring at each other with pure horror on our faces through the window for like 3 seconds, haha - it was so scary... and now funny. . . #italymilanmissionprobs

We have probably lost like 5 kilo this week from all the running we’ve had to do in our big coats, haha, it’s been great. We are always worried about missing trains or buses in this city. We have a lot of little cities that we have to travel to quite a bit that are in our area so that keeps us in shape.

This city isn’t very bike friendly so we never ride them, sadly, but it’s okay. Also this Sunday in church it was the primary program and it was the cutest thing ever. Little kids singing in Italian is so precious. Oh and we taught Gospel Principles on Sunday, reminded me of the Montevarchi days. We only had like 20 minutes to prepare though, which was funny. A year ago that probably would have given me a heart attack to even think about doing but now it’s just so common it doesn’t even phase me. Miracles of the mission am I right?

I finally cut my hair! Well i asked my companion do it, haha - she was freaking out, but she did so well! I just looked at her and was like have you ever cut hair Sorella? and she was like, uhhh, I trimmed my mom’s hair a couple times in the back, does that count? And i was like yeah, good enough for me. Just cut like 6 inches off, hahahahaha so funny. But it’s so much better now - goodbye braid.

It’s been a good week :) we are working hard and seeing a ton of miracles. One of which being we are always thankful to make it back home each night. We finally got in contact with some of the old Sorelles investigators and are finding some new ones of our own too. The Lord’s hand truly is in everything we do.

I’m so glad to be here and am so thankful for my Greenie, she is so great and is so patient, even whenever I get us lost. We are definitely getting it all figured out together :)

Love and miss you so much! Talk to you soon! :)

Love Sorella Alli

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