Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Letter #60 - 11/4/14

Ciao Famiglia Mia!

Oh man. This week has been insane. We have been travelling all over the place for consiglio (training) in Milano and district meeting in Varese. As we are both brand new to this area, we have been going on an adventure all over Busto and Varese for Sorella Hawks permesso (registration), this is my fourth time doing this process and it’s never been this complicated. 

Tomorrow we are heading back to Milano for new missionary training and then I do my first scambio (companion exchange) in like a week and a half. I’m the sister training leader over the Varese Sorelle and the Lugano Switzerland Sorelle. So that should be fun :) My new greenie is Sorella Hawks! She is from New York, went to BYU, 19 years old, and super awesome. I love her so much already. She actually is from the ward where my cousin Kieonah is serving right now! How ironic is that? haha so funny!

This week has been a little hard because of everything we’ve had going on and trying to figure out the new area together. I’ve never been so tired in my whole life, haha - we have just been getting lost around the city all week in the rain, haha.  We’ve been sent on multiple scavenger hunts for her permesso and have had to go to Milano for consiglio and Varese for district meeting etc.. so basically we are doing a ton of train and bus-type finding, because we have no other choice, haha. But it’s so fun and we are seeing miracles from it for sure.

The other day we were on a train and we found this super awesome girl who is like 24 and lives here in Busto and she talked to us for the entire 40 minute train ride (big deal). She’s super awesome and gave us her phone number and so hopefully something comes of that. Greenie power, it’s a real thing.

On a sad note all of the simps (investigators) that the Sorelle had before we got here won’t answer our phone calls or texts and when we go to pass by they are never home – soooooo, we are basically starting all over, which is hard but good because it means there are new people out there we need to be finding.

I’m just glad my greenie is just so hard working and great. She’s just going with everything and super positive even though I’m like totally freaking out on the inside, haha. Yesterday we were running from place to place all day and didn’t get to eat lunch until 8:30 at night (remember how we don’t have dinner in our mission? haha still hard for me) and we kind of had a break down, haha. We were so exhausted.

Then today we got a call from the Anziani (Elders) here in busto who is also training a new missionary – right in the middle of studies, saying that we had to run to the train station so we could make the train to go to Varese because they just found out we have to go there for something for the permesso. So we literally RAN the 20 minute walk to the station in the pouring rain to make the train, go to Varese, and sit in the post office on our pday, haha. It was a little rough, but we are almost done with the process now - meno male (thank heavens).

But i think that’s everything for the week. It’s been crazy but we love being companions, are doing our best and seeing some miracles :)

Thanks for everything! love and miss you! :)

Sorella Yost

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