Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Letter #63 - 11/25/14

Ciao Famiglia! Come State?!


This week has been crazy. So as I write you...I’M BACK IN RAVENNA! Yeah. Weird, haha. We got the call yesterday that we had to be in Ravenna this morning for me to pick up my permesso (paperwork). So since Busto and Ravenna are literally on opposite sides of the mission we had to leave last night and spend the night in Milano which was super fun and then leave bright and early on the first train we could make to Ravenna. I got my permesso and now since its pday I get to hang out with Sorella Nilsen a little bit too!!!! Blessed be the day. I’M WITH MY TWO GREENIES ALL TOGETHER, so fantastic!

Last week we had the Fingerle conference and it was sooooo good. We learned so much! and I got to see Sorella Woods! And she is training Sorella Burt! Becca’s roommate! So tell aunt Tamera that I finally met her and we are already best friends :)

Also I got your packages! Thank you so much! We LOVED them! and i got the envelopes from Landon and it totally made my day, I LOVE them! So thank you Landon! love you! :)

On Saturday we had our big ward Thanksgiving Dinner and it was such a huge success! We had 105 people there in total and a ton of part member families and less actives which was awesome. We had some investigators and people from English class there too! It was awesome, we were really happy. I have to say, Thanksgiving dinner Italian style isn’t too bad :) It was really good! not as good as Grandmas’ though ;)

Also, this Sunday in church between us and the Anziani we had 5 investigators in church! It was a huge miracle, especially with how big of a hassle it is for people to get out to the church since the buses don’t run on Sunday. So we were super excited and so was the ward. It was so awesome. One of those investigators was someone that Sorella Hawks and I found on our 21st lesson week and he is so awesome. He’s 17 years old and rode his bike to church all by himself...stayed for all three hours....and LOVED it...and he’s bringing his sister with him this next Sunday. #elect. We are so excited. So hopefully we can get the whole family involved.

Sorella Hawks, the Anziani and I are singing at a Catholic funeral tomorrow for the cousin of a member who passed away; and I have also been asked to give a short talk after we yeah. Hopefully that goes well and I will be able to speak in Italian in front of a huge room of random strangers at a funeral.

Well...I thinks that’s all for this week! Love and miss you so much! I’m so thankful for my family, tell everyone hi for me tomorrow and eat pumpkin pie for me...PLEASE. LOVE YOU!!! :)

Vi voglio bene!

Sorella Yost

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