Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Letter #74 - 2/10/15

Ciao Famiglia!

Sorry this is going to be short again! Hey, I’ll see you in like 3 weeks right? ;) haha but this week was super awesome! Giovanni gave a talk in church on missionary work and he did such a good job! I was the translator for third hour so it was super funny translating his talk because he was talking about me and Sorella Hawks and just a little bit about his conversion story. It was really cool.

Then we had a big ward lunch after church which was super fun. And Sorella Russell and I survived our four scambio week with new missionary training and consiglio di missione! Haha, It was really fun though. We got to know lots of new sorelle.

And on Monday night we went out on what we like to call 'miracle giro' and we were able to teach two lessons on the street! It was so cool. The people we met were so nice and one of them actually was really interested to learn more and told us she has seen our church name before and had actually been really curious to learn more about it. So we got her phone number and should be seeing her in the next week – huge miracle.

And we did a family home evening with a part member family in our ward for the first time ever and they loved it and want us to come back again next week. So that was a really sweet experience too.
Sorry again his email is so short!

Love and miss you! talk to you soon! :)
Sorella Yost

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