Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Letter #76 - 2/25/15

Ciao Famiglia! :)

How is everything? :) So crazy how fast time is flying by! Next week will be here before we know it! So weird to think about, but we are so busy I feel like I’m kind of in denial, haha.  I haven’t started packing or doing my customs or anything yet, haha, there’s still time.

So this week was crazy, we did two scmabios, one in Lugano and another with Varese. I got to go to Lugano this time! So I was a missionary in Switzerland for a day. Pretty cool :) Italy and Switzerland are a little different I have to say, haha, you can tell when you pass the border. But it was super fun, and I was with Sorella d'aleo from Palermo. It was super fun and we saw a ton of miracles together.

Also this week was carnevale here in Italy. It’s a little like Halloween, everyone dresses up. We ended up having no appointments that night so we were out doing strada in the pouring rain and we talked to this man and had the coolest gospel conversation ever with him. It was really cool. It brought back a lot of memories from Alessandria being out in the pouring rain doing finding. It was awesome.

Then we did a scambio with the Varese Sorelle. I was with Sorella Richards and we had like the best scambio ever. We were doing strada after one of our appointments and we talked to the first woman we saw and she ended up really liking us and what we were teaching her and when we asked if we could pray with her she said she has a friend she wants us to pray and talk with too so she took us to her friend’s house and we ended up teaching them both the first lesson in the friend’s house. It was so cool.

This week has been so great and next week we have our last scambio and we are going to just work as hard as we can to the very end. My companion is starting to freak out a little bit that I’m leaving, she says she’s going to be an orphan, haha, but she’s so great, she can totally handle anything.

So crazy to think my 18 months are already coming to an end. I’ve loved every single day out here. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the most rewarding and life changing.

Thanks for everything! Talk to you next week! Literally... ;)

Love you!
Sorella Yost

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