Friday, February 20, 2015

Letter #75 - 2/17/15

Ciao Famiglia!

Come state?? so....this week was a little rough. I had the flu! barf.. literally. We were stuck inside for a few days and I was so bored. We got so bored we watched the old 80's church videos, so yeah. It wasn’t fun. But I’m feeling a ton better now.

Funny story though, we had to go out one morning for Sorella Russell’s fingerprinting appointment for her permesso di soggiorno, and so, even though it felt horrible, I put a skirt on, put my coat on over my pug sweatshirt, refused to put on tights, flats, you get the picture; I looked like a total scrub. So we go out, get to the questura (police station) and they do the fingerprinting and I’m just concentrating on not throwing up in the questura. Then I get up to go collect the paperwork for Sorella Russell and get the instructions from the worker lady for the next set and i just got really light headed and my vision just went black and the next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor, haah. The lady kind of freaked out and helped me get up and sat me in a chair and gave me some chocolate (which i threw up once we got home). i think they thought i was diabetic. Anyways, yeah, it was super embarrassing. and my greenie grounded me to house arrest for the rest of the day, which turned into even longer. It was not fun, but now all is well and we are healthy and get to leave the house and I’m super happy ahah!

Mom, I got your Valentine’s Day cards!!! Thank you so much! I loved them :) oh and I got the kids’ letter too! haha thank you!!!

This week we have a scambio and I’m going to Switzerland this time! So I’ll get to be a missionary in Switzerland for a day which is pretty cool. And then next week we have the last two scambios and then we will be done. It’s been a crazy transfer for sure, lots of scmbios and stuff. But i love it! The Sorelle i get to scambio with are so great, i just love them.

Yesterday I had my last zone conference and we watched meet the Mormons! it was soooooo good. Also I did a training at the conference and I and two other missionaries who are finishing their missions with me all gave our 'dying testimonies'. It was a really weird feeling to be up there bearing my testimony and giving advice to the other missionaries, It’s a little surreal to think that my time here is almost over and some of theirs is just starting.

But i wouldn’t trade a day of my mission for the world. I’ve learned so much and I’m the person and missionary I am today because of the mistakes and lessons I’ve learnt along the way.

I love and miss you all! Crazy how soon I’ll see you all. Just gotta enjoy every last day I have here and I’ll see you before I know it :)

Love and miss you!
Sorella Yost

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