Thursday, March 6, 2014

Letter #25 - 3/5/14

Ciao famiglia!

How are you all this week? This week was such a good week here in the land of Montevarchi! Sorella Jarvis and I are doing so well! We get along so well together and are literally always laughing. It is so great, and we have seen so many miracles this week too!
We have been working with the mom of our new convert (the 17 year old) and she is doing so well! This week she drove her and her son to church even though her daughter was in Pisa for the youth activity and her friend (our other new convert, the mom) was super sick and wasn’t able to make it to church. She is really progressing and loves the gospel so much and is definitely doing it for herself because she believes it so we are so happy for her! Also she hasn’t had any Word of Wisdom issues for 3 weeks now! She is super amazing and we absolutely love her.
Sad news shoulder bag broke this week. I know, it was devastating. I have had to fix it a couple times and then I was standing in the kitchen in our apartment right before we were about to leave and it just snapped and fell to the group. I KNOW. So I have been borrowing Sorella Jarvis's extra bag this week and I am buying a new one today. Also, I finally reached my breaking point this week and caved and bought new boots. Mine were practically nothing, haha! When we walked into the store and I showed the saleslady my boots, she had this horrified look on her face, haha! It was great. Then once I chose the boots, she told me to keep them on and wear them out of the store, hahahaah so funny. But now my feet never get wet and I am so happy, haha Sorella Jarvis laughs at me because now I will sometimes purposely walk through the puddles just because I can!
Also, funny story for the week. We were waiting for our train in Arezzo on Sunday night to go back to San Giovanni and we were waiting on a bench in between binario 4 and 5 but we were facing binario 4 and didn’t even realize that our train was at binario 5 and had left. We literally missed the train while sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT. And we didn’t realize what had happened until like at least 20 minutes after it had left. How pathetic right? Haha. We felt so dumb but we got a good laugh out of it and took the next train like 20 minutes later.
I played the piano again in Sacrament meeting this week. And I had to eat like 10 pounds of Plantains this week at a member’s house this week. I KNOW. Okay it wasn’t actually that much but I thought I was going to die, haha! They actually weren’t too bad though – ask landon how often he ate those in the DR!
Tell Abbi to start getting herself ready now because we are doing to cleanse like the day I get back, haaha! Remember how much she hated that? Also I HIT 6 MONTHS THIS WEEK!!!!!! so crazy! It feels like it has gone by fast but then at the same time I cannot believe there is still a year left, haha! But I love it and I am excited for everything that lies ahead! Being a missionary is the best and I love these people so much. I have learned so much already and I have met some of the most incredible people. It has definitely been a humbling experience for sure. Thank you for everything you do for me! I love and miss you so much but don’t worry, I’ll be home one year from now ;)
Love you Mom and Dad (and Abbi, Anna, Will and Charlie :)) haha!

Sorella Alli

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