Thursday, March 13, 2014

Letter #26 - 3/12/14

Ciao Famiglia!
SO - First things first – I am in pants right now!!!!!! I know, best day ever. We went to the cinque terre today and it was soooo AMAZING. I will send pictures of it next week because last week on pday we went to the leaning tower of Pisa and I sent all those pictures today! We tried to do the classic "holding up the leaning tower" pose so I hope you enjoy that, haah, it was so much fun.
Guess what – we finally have an English class now in Arezzo! It started last Friday and it went really, really well. We taught them the ABC's song :) haha it was awesome. There was this like-70 year old man there who like LOVED the song. And he kept answering all the questions even when it wasn’t his turn, haha. We had to tell him to wait his turn; it was hilarious. They were all taking notes and got really into it. We do it every Friday now.
Also, this week we had scambio in Pisa! I was with Sorella Jameson and it was so great! We saw so many miracles and were able to teach five lessons! Oh yeah, and we did a singing mostra (show) together with the Anziani (Elders) which is where you are in like one of the piazzas and 4 of you are singing hymns together and then two (usually one elder and one sorella) are out handing out passalong cards and talking to people. It was SO fun! I loved it! It was not nearly as scary as I was expecting, haha. They asked us if we were good singers and it was like "well. Sorella Jarvis has an amazing voice (she totally does) and I am pretty talented at lip synching," haha. All those years of ward choir finally paid off! ;) haha - just kidding. But yeah it was so fun!
This week has been really good and our investigators are really progressing, especially in our new convert’s family. Her mom and little brother are coming to church regularly now and it is so awesome! We had Branch pranzo (lunch) on Sunday after church and it was so fun, they loved it.
We kind of got our hearts broken this week though because one of our super, super awesome progressing investigators broke up with us :( but its okay, we know everything will all work out and when the time is right she will be even more ready and prepared for the gospel :)
Thank you so much for everything! You are the best. I love serving a mission; I have seen so many miracles the past 6 months. And I am so excited for the 12 more that lay ahead :) love and miss you!!
Talk to you soon!
Sorella Alli

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