Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Letter #28 - 3/26/14

Ciao Famiglia! :)

Well, This week was crazy. But what else is new? Haha. SO first of all, Sorella Jarvis and I both got proposed to this week in English class, haha. Remember that funny 80 year old man that is always super enthusiastic? Haha. Yeah, so we were teaching them about families and asking them questions about their families and things like that and he asked us if we were married and we were like "no, we are not," haha. And then he was like "hmmmm, you are single (pointing at sorella jarvis) and you are single (pointing at me). You marry me (pointing at sorella jarvis) and you marry me (pointing at me)." Hahahah, oh my gosh, it was sooooo funny. We both lost it and just starting dying laughing and were like "uhhh...NO!" haahaha so funny.
Then Saturday was Sorella Jarvis's birthday!! And we celebrated by going to visit one of our investigators! She is so, so awesome; she is the mom of our new convert that got baptized in February. We are teaching her and her son now. The mom is from Nigeria and she is married to an Italian and their son is 11, so Will's age! He is super funny, we love him. He always asks us to make him brownies, haha. But anyways, we went to go see the mom on Saturday and we were in the middle of our lesson and she was bearing testimony of how much she loves the book of Mormon and then all of a sudden she looks at us and is like "do you want to see my chickens? I bought 7." Hahaha. We were like "yeah! sure, let’s go see your chickens" hhaaha, so she takes us outside into her backyard in the middle of nowhere-Tuscany and there are just chicks running all over the back yard, haha. Then she took us into the coop and bent over and came up with 3 eggs and just put them right into Sorella Jarvis’s hands and was like "Happy Birthday!!!" hhaahaha, it was so cute.
Then the buses only come to her little city once and hour so she took us on a walk, aka, we went off-roading through a vineyard of olive trees, hahaha, so funny. We love her so much and she always bears testimony of how much her life has changed since she started learning about the gospel, it is so incredible.
Then Sorella Jarvis and I made tiramisu for her birthday and we came home and she opened her presents and I sang to her and she blew out the candles and we ate tiramisu, haha, it was a super fun day. I just absolutely love Sorella Jarvis, she is amazing.
Next week is transfers so I will find out on Monday or Tuesday what is going to happen. We will see. We had zone conference on Monday and I got your packages Mom! Thank you so much! My companion would like to know who picks out the cards, Mom or Abbi, hahahaha. So funny, I love them! Thank you so much! and I love the Seahawks shirt! I will wear that proudly, haha.
I think that is everything for this week! love and miss you all so much! thank you for everything! talk to you soon! :)

Love you!

Sorella Alli

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