Thursday, March 20, 2014

Letter #27 - 3/19/14

Ciao Famiglia!
Okay so this week was crazy, I don’t even remember what happened, haha. So last week on Wednesday we went to the cinque terre and it was so beautiful! It is these 5 cities on the ocean and it is up by Le Spezia so the only way we could go was from Pisa after our scambio last week (hence the huge bag I am carrying in all the pictures...and trying to throw into the ocean in one of them haha) – but sooooo worth it, haha. It was so fun; we had a blast.
Also, the search for a cappella is still on here in Valdarno, we are still looking for a new place for our Branch to meet and this week our Branch President asked us missionaries to help him look too. So we are trying, we really want to be out of the hotel sometime soon. But the branch is still growing and doing so well! The new converts are such a huge part of the branch now, it’s like they have been here all along. I LOVE IT.
Another fun adventure we went on this week was to a children’s dentist office....hahah Sorella Jarvis had to get her permanent retainer removed so we got to go on a little adventure around Florence and ended up in a waiting room with like five 7 year olds. it was great. We also had district meeting in Siena this week so we were on the train like all day. But it was a really good district meeting, and I am so used to the trains by now it doesn’t even bother me.
So our new convert’s mom and brother are still doing so, so well and come to church every week! They are really progressing and love it so much, especially the mom. She is so cute. We absolutely love her. She has taught me so much about faith. She has so much of it.
We had a really cool experience last night on the train in Arezzo, we got on the train and were just sitting there like a minute before the doors closed and all of sudden Sorella Jarvis turned to me and was like "Sorel a,I don’t have my wallet!" aka she doesn’t have her abbonamento, aka if our tickets get checked we would have like a 45 euro fine! So I looked at her and was like "we have to get off the train NOW!" So we ran off right before it left and went a bought a ticket for the next train. It was so crazy but definitely a prompting from the Spirit for her to randomly check for her wallet. We were SO thankful.
Well I think that is everything for this week! Everything is great here in Montevarchi, I love it here so much :)  I love and miss you! Thanks for all your prayers and everything you do for me! Love you mom and dad!
Sorella Alli.
p.s. Also, I knocked over a completely full glass of water in the middle of a lesson this week. Classic.

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