Thursday, July 3, 2014

Letter #42 - 7/1/14

Ciao Famiglia!

Ah, I'm so jealous you are all at Cannon Beach this week! Enjoy it for me :) I miss it! But thank you so much for the emails! I loved hearing from everyone! Cali congrats on getting married! I’m sad I’m missing the wedding but I can’t wait to see the pics and to play beach soccer with Caleb next year ;)

Haha, so this week has been crazy! I LOVE TRIOS. I’m all about it. So fun. And soooo many miracles. We have talked to some really amazing people while out doing finding and haven’t had an appointment cancelled these past few days, which has been a huge tender mercy. In fact, we met a girl waiting for a bus yesterday in one of our little paesino's (village) we go to and we actually have an appointment with her in about 30 minutes. She is super nice and we are really excited about her! So pray she doesn’t cancel, I know we will be praying for her.

We 5 missionaries (us three and the anziani) actually taught in church on Sunday about missionary work! It was one of the coolest lessons ever. We showed the video "grazia lui" which I believe is called "because of Him" in English and talked about how missionary work is really just being a good disciple of Jesus Christ. It was really amazing as we were preparing for the lesson to see really how everything we do as missionaries really just revolves around our love for God which is the basis of discipleship.  Discipleship is a process and it is something that we have to work on throughout our entire lives. It was really incredible.

I am learning so much each day out here. I am so grateful. Also, this week I am learning how to make homemade pasta! We made it at a member’s house on Tuesday for lunch and it was so easy! The little 5 year old in fact was helping us cook, haha, it was so cute. So yeah, get excited for that when I get home Abbi ;) haha.

Well, everything is good here! I love Ravenna and being in a Trio is so fun. We all love each other already and are having a blast. Today we went on a bike ride to see the ocean and it was so fun.

Thanks for all the prayers, I love and miss you! Talk to you soon! :)

Sorella Yost


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