Thursday, July 24, 2014

Letter #45 - 7/22/14

Ciao Famiglia! Come state voi?!

Questa settimana è stata belissima, abbiamo avuto un attività nelle montagne! come casa nostra, non? :)  (This week has been beautiful summer; we had an activity in the mountains!  It reminded me of home).  Haha, we had a super cool activity in the mountains of Italy this weekend with the branch and it was so fun! there were only like 12 of us in total that were able to make it but it was still super great! I sent pictures ;) it totally reminded me of our backyard with all the trees and everything – so pretty.

Oh also! this Sunday we had visitors in our branch from Alessandria! I KNOW! and they told me all about Elisa’s baptism! It was so great! Remember that 19 year old girl Sorella Hoffman and I were teaching that I asked you to pray for on Mother’s Day skype? She got baptized a few weeks after I left Alessandria! Miracle! If you see any pictures on Sorella Hoffmans blog you should send them to me mom... thanks :)

But anyways, this week we had scambio and I was with Sorella Pace from Rimini, here in Ravenna. It was a super good scambio and we saw a ton of miracles. We did this thing called white board finding where we took a little white board a wrote a question on it like "Crede che c'é un scopo nella vita?" (Is there a purpose in life?), and then they had to check yes or no. It was really cool and we talked to a ton of people! One of the men we talked to actually worked on the Temple down in Rome! So cool! He wasn’t interested but still so cool!

Tonight we have our big Branch talent show! If all goes well that will be a huge miracle too, hahah. We have been working so hard to get it going. Yesterday we made the pies and let me tell you - it was hard, haha. Not exactly Marie Calendars, but hey, we are just going to stick our faces into them anyways so it serves its purpose :) haha, so get excited for pictures of that next week.

I think that is all for this week! Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes! :) You’re the best! I love and miss you! Talk to you soon! :)

Sorella yost



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