Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Letter #46 - 7/29/14

Ciao Famiglia!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! It was such a great day! :) My companion went RUNNING with me in the morning and then made me pancakes and we listened to Christmas music and had a party, so fun. She’s just the best and we had a really great day which included gelato and pizza at lunch and then a member in the branch whose husband is less active invited us over for dinner so we had rice and chicken in large amounts – haha, it was so nice of them :) It was a birthday to remember for sure.

And then the next day Ravenna literally got hit by a huge storm. It was POURING; like Seattle style rain - so crazy. We had to get out our rain boots and raincoats and everything haha we were soaked. We had to stop every once and a while and dump water out of our boots and ring out our skirts and everything, haha, it was hilarious. We decided to do some casa (house to house) because we thought maybe the people would feel bad for us and let us in or something....yeah, that didn’t work as planned – haha, not a soul even let us in the doorway. But that’s okay! We are trying and we know miracles always follow the trials.

It’s been a really hard week - really hard. Almost all of our investigators have completely dropped us. We’ve had people hang up on us on the phone, not answer our calls anymore, and just flat out tell us they don’t have any interest. so that’s been really hard but we know that there are still people out there, we just have to work really hard and Heavenly Father will guide us to them. It’s always the hardest times that precede the biggest miracles; I’ve seen it happen time after time. We just can’t give up and we have to look for the good things that happen every single day, even if it’s just that someone accepted a pass along card. I still love this city and I know if we are doing our best then that’s enough :)

Guess what Dad? This Sunday in sacrament meeting I translated for a family from Switzerland! They speak German and English but not really much Italian so I got to be their translator. There were quite a few people visiting on Sunday so three out of the four of us missionaries all had a family to translate for, haha. But yeah, I showed them my family booklet and where grandpa Fred was born and the lady said that’s the region of Switzerland she’s from! So cool! She gave me a big hug and was so cute :) Also, when we taught young women’s on Sunday, we taught it in English then the dad was in there to translate into German for the little girls who don’t really speak English, so we had a trilingual Young Women’s lesson, haha - so funny.

Well I think that’s all for this week! Everything is good here in Ravenna and Sorella carter and I hope we get to stay together for another transfer! We shall see! I think we find out on Saturday.

I love and miss you all! have a great week! love and miss you! :)

Sorella Yost


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