Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Letter #43 - 7/8/14

Ciao Famiglia!

Okay, where do I even start? SPACE TRANSFERS. So a sister in our mission had to go home for medical reasons this week so turns out we got a phone call from our Mission President on Saturday morning telling us that Sorella Gillette was getting space transferred! Ahhhh.  We were so sad; we all three are like best friends and turns out we only had two short weeks together and now Sorella Gillette is now (as of yesterday) in her 7th city for her last 4 weeks of the mission. How crazy is that? So we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off basically for the past few days and then yesterday we were travelling all day because she went to a city called Lodi which is right outside of Milano and President gave us permission to travel with her so that she didn’t have to travel so far alone with all her bags and everything on the trains (we had like 5 train switches haha), so crazy! We are so tired – last night we went to bed as soon as we were done with nightly planning, we just kind of collapsed on our beds, haha, so funny. But the trio lives on in our hearts forever, haha!

We had a Fourth of July BBQ with our Branch Mission Leader and his wife on the fourth of July for lunch! It was so cute; they even had the American flag up in our honor – they are so cute. Our little Italian nonni (Grandparents).

It looks like the family reunion was a huge success! Looks so fun! Thanks for all the pictures :) it really helped me feel like I was there. When do Paige and Harvey go through the temple? I’m so excited for them! and please tell Abbi “good luck” in London this week ;) haha, she will love it.

Ready for a miracle story? So yesterday in the midst of our travels we stopped at Burger King in the Milano train station to quickly get some food before our next train.  There were tons of people in there and the lady at the cash register ran my card – and then forgot to give it back to me.  I didn’t realize this at all until later after we had dropped off Sorella Gillette and were about to start our journey back home. So we called the mission office and told them what happened and they said they would cancel my card and I would have to go file a police report – a huge crazy process! So we got back on a train and headed back to Milano Centrale – our way we decided to go back to that Burger King and ask to see if they still had my card before we filed the police report and... they did! Ahhhh - (insert tears of joy here)!! So I called back to the Mission Office right before they were about to cancel my card and so all is well, all is well. MIRACLE.

This week has been crazy but we have seen so many cool miracles. We have found 4 new investigators and have visited almost every member in the branch and have taught a lot of people. It’s been so busy, I love it. We miss our trio but we know that Sorella Gillette is needed in Lodi right now and Sorella carter and I are needed in Ravenna and we are just so grateful we got to all serve together for two short weeks :)

I think that’s everything for this week!

I hope all is well! Tell everyone hi for me! love and miss you! :)

Sorella Yost

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